Let op! Wij zijn een ophaaldienst en rekenen geld voor het ophaal van grofvuil - Wij zijn niet van gemeente Amsterdam

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Waste rules in Amsterdam

Living is more pleasant in a clean neighbourhood in the city Amsterdam. If everyone follows the waste rules, the neighbourhoos says clean in city Amsterdam 

Bulky waste Amsterdam

For bulky waste Amsterdam you need make an appointment for yours bulky waste. You can call us for an appointment or you can make online an appointment.

Household waste

bulky waste amsterdamIn most disctricts in Amsterdam you find designated containers.  In the city Amsterdam you have a lot of underground waste containters. You should deposit your household waste in the container. We have each type container: glass, paper, plastic packaging, textiles. 


Paper and cardboard go in the container marked papier. Glass goes in the containers marked glas. 

Texil and shoes go in the green container for the textiles. 

Damaged containers 

You can reported the damaged containers to city of Amsterdam. Telephone number is 14020. You can call between 08:00 – 18:00 

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